August 24, 2017


To be accepted like massage therapist into the luxury SPA HOTELS arround the all European Union you will need to qualify as outlined below:

  • Aged 21-37 years
  • No criminal record
  • CV / Resume in English
  • full length photo (nice photos / smile – in business suit or working uniform)
  • Valid passport(Unfortunately temporary or student visas do not qualify)
  • Copy of your Diploma or Certificate
  • You MUST be healthy (applicants with back problems, Asthma or anyone on chronic medicine cannot be accepted)
  • Candidates are selected based on the ability to meet various behavioural, attitudinal and technical standards
  • Sufficient funds to pay your medical examination and visa before living your country
  • You will be required to engage proactively in the application process
  • SPA experience is required. (1 year minimum)



Hotel contracts

Contracts run for 6-8 continuous months followed by six weeks vacation upon successful completion of contract. Further contracts will be reviewed and renewed after your 1st contract. Hotel companies are looking for long term committers. Applicants who are simply looking for a gap year will unfortunately not be placed.

Working Environment

The ‘image’ of professionalism and success is often judged by your appearance and attitude. As a representative of the company you are required to maintain a professional appearance at all times. All uniforms must be the correct size, clean, pressed and in pristine condition at all times. Name tags are a mandatory part of your uniform and must be worn at all times when in public areas. A courteous ‘good morning’ or a smile costs nothing but can gain you rewarding attention. As a SPA representative you will always aim to exceed expectations.

Your Lifestyle at Hotel

Your room generally are smaller size and most staff share with one other spa staff member. They are all quite close to each other and have adjoining shower and bathroom facilities. They are generally clean and basic, although the fittings vary from Hotel to Hotel.  The living area really can be likened to a university dorm room situation. You will definitely know your neighbours within a couple of hours!

Food Breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided free of charge throughout your contract.


Some Hotel company pays Air Tickets (some are not paying) food, accommodation, uniform, medical insurance its paid.


Apply and send us your CV. Do not miss the opportunity for a great job ! apply here