Photo training


Picture yourself working onboard one of the world’s most celebrated Cruise Liners plying international waters in serious style and visiting glamorous destinations! Now doesn’t that sound like a way to see the world? By successfully completing the custom designed 1-3 week Cruise Ship Photography course in Hungary or Croatia you’ll qualify for placement on board top cruise liners world wide. Salaries are excellent, upfront costs are low and the opportunity to see the world is seriously impressive!


To be accepted onto the Cruise Ship Photography training course and be put forward for subsequent placement you will need to qualify as outlined below:

  • Aged 21-35 years
  • No criminal record
  • Valid passport(Unfortunately temporary or student visas do not qualify)
  • You MUST be healthy (applicants with back problems, Asthma or anyone on chronic medicine cannot be accepted)
  • Candidates are selected based on the ability to meet various behavioural, attitudinal and technical standards
  • Sufficient funds to pay for program fees, medical examination and visa
  • You will be required to engage pro-actively in the application process
  • No prior photography experience is required. Your level of photographic expertise will determine whether you are required to do 1, 2 or 3 week
    photography course. This will be assessed carefully upon application.

Season & Duration

Photography Training Courses

Training Courses run most months and take place in Hungary or Croatia. The course takes 1-3 weeks depending on your prior experience (see course outline).

Upon successful completion of the photography course, and clear medical, you will be put forward for interview and placement. Placement happens year round and usually take anywhere from 2-12 weeks.

Cruise Ship Placement contracts

Contracts run for 6-8 continuous months followed by six weeks vacation upon successful completion of contract. Further contracts will be reviewed and renewed after your 1st contract. Cruise ships companies are looking for long term committers. Applicants who are simply looking for a gap year will unfortunately not be placed.

More info coming soon!